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Pre-launch satellite test using high altitude balloons
This is an opportunity for aerospace companies to test their satellite components in a near-space environment, which includes using high altitude balloons (or weather balloons) for pre-launch satellite tests.
03.01.21 05:13 PM - Comment(s)
Should robots or humans live on the Lunar Gateway?
Leveraging robotics for the Lunar Gateway is a compelling strategy. Enabling humans to work through robots will increase the chance of success for the humans. By using robots to handle the early stages of discovery, we can scale our exploration of space quicker and safer.
19.07.20 01:44 PM - Comment(s)
Near space photography with high altitude balloons
Below we have 5 unique ways that artists, developers, and directors can use high altitude balloons to capture near-space footage.
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The United States Space Force and the future of civilization in space
As President Donald Trump unveils plans for a new US Space Force, we share our thoughts on the future of space travel and civilization in space.
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Where one journey ends, another beginsĀ 
The Outer Rim Company (TORC) is building a high altitude balloon that can reach space. Our long term vision is to provide transportation of small payloads to space to provide an alternative to rockets to reach altitudes previously unavailable to balloons.
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