Where one journey ends, another begins 

By - Sam
14.04.20 10:39 AM

There is something special about innovation - the ability to bring ideas into the world and move humanity forward is a compelling vision for any company. What is even more amazing is our ability to build off of the work of others. As Isaac Newton once said, “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.”

At The Outer Rim Company, we are looking to do the same - our team has been working together since 2018 to tackle one of the most pressing questions of our time - how do we make space more accessible? When our team initially formed, we had ideas for transforming the space industry. We quickly realized the problem was not space itself, it was the ability to access space cheaper and more frequently. 

While most companies are building off of the innovation of rocket propulsion, we decided to move in a different direction. We looked back further at transportation technology that had previously enabled flight. Before rockets, before planes, there were balloons. 

We are building a balloon that can reach space. Our long term vision is to provide transportation of small payloads to the upper atmosphere to provide an alternative to rockets to reach altitudes previously unavailable to balloons. 

Below is the current breakdown of air travel, from the ground to space (100km).

>✈️12 km 

>>>>🎈40 km 

>>>>>>>>>>🚀100 km+

If someone wants transportation above 30 km, then they are currently looking at a rocket for transportation. We are looking to extend the distance of a balloon to serve as an alternative to rockets. Compared to rockets, our technology will:

    • have smaller payloads 
    • be able to stay at an altitude for extended periods of time 
    • be less expensive to manufacture 
    • provide cheaper payload transportation 
    • have more frequent launches

We love what current space companies are doing and we are excited to help move the world forward. We do not see our technology as a replacement for rockets being produced by SpaceX, Blue Origin, or Virgin Galactic. We see our technology as an addition to help make the ability to access space cheaper and more frequent. So where one journey ends, another begins - see you in space 👩‍🚀

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